5 Reasons Why Pomeranians Make a Good Pet

Pomeranians Make Great Pets

There are a lot of things that prove that Pomeranians make great pets. These fluffballs are tiny, bright-eyed dogs that bank on their intense level of adorable. Boo, who could possibly be the world’s cutest dog and most famous Pom online, certainly banks on his looks for his millions of Facebook viewers.

What makes Poms particularly adorable is their often-feisty personalities that make you believe they are bigger and scarier than they actually are. If you love small dogs with big personalities, Poms may be the perfect dog breed for you.

Fluffy Proofs That Pomeranians Make Great Pets

In an earlier post, we discussed the reasons why pit bulls make the best pets, this time, let’s take a look at the oh-so-adorable things that make Pomeranians just as great.

They tend to think big

Poms are tiny little things that usually weigh in at 7 pounds or less. However, there is no way of telling them just how tiny they are; they have big, bold personalities that you may come to expect of much larger breeds. Poms also tend to have take-charge temperaments and plenty of energy, so you may want to rethink putting them in your dog-purse.

They can make good watchdogs

Poms are proof that small bodies can have big voices. Despite their size, Pomeranians are clever and courageous, so they won’t think twice about barking continuously at visitors and strangers.

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Pomeranian Dog

They are athletic

Poms are more than just their adorable faces. In fact, they tend to have high activity levels and are excellent at dog sports including freestyle and rally and tracking. They are also very agile and obedient, so training them is easy, even for new Pom owners.

They have beautiful coats

Despite the thick double coats that Pomeranians have, their beautiful colors and patterns are pretty easy to maintain. They are also easy to groom, so you don’t have to worry too much about keeping up with their look and hygiene.

They’re very friendly

Poms are extroverts. Not only do they make humans fall in love with them, they also get along well with other pets. However, despite their small size, they’re not the best option to play with young children because they are too delicate to be handled by kids’ rough play.

Now that you know the reasons why Pomeranians make great pets, are you ready to adopt one of them to add cuteness in your home?

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