Finding Your Furry Friend: What to Do Immediately If Your Pet Goes Missing

A missing pet is every owner’s worst nightmare. On what seems like a normal day, you call their name but they don’t come wiggling their tail. The backyard’s empty, the front door’s open, and their food bowl’s still full. You search the entire house, but there’s no sign of your furry friend.

In cases like this, the very first thing you should remember is that panicking won’t do you any good. Yes, it’s horrible, and you can’t help but think about what could happen in the hours that you are not with them. But you need to be strong and alert.

Take long, deep breaths and start following the steps below. Here are the things you should do immediately if your dog goes missing.

Things You Should Do Immediately If Your Dog Goes Missing

Waste no time. Start following these steps to finding a missing pet so you can be reunited with your furry friend as soon as possible.

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1. Begin your search around the neighborhood

When a dog goes missing, the first 24 hours is the most crucial. It’s best to search around your neighborhood, as they may not be too far. Your dog might just be around the corner, or a kindhearted neighbor might have spotted your dog on the streets and decided to take them in for the meantime.

Also, bring a photo of your dog while you’re out searching. Tell everyone you meet that you are looking for your dog and ask them to give you a call if they see your pet.

2. Print out flyers

Printing out flyers is one of the things you should do immediately if your dog goes missing. The flyers should include your dog’s most recent picture, their name, collar color, date they went missing, and all other relevant pieces of information. Of course, put your contact information on the flyer so just in case someone sees your dog, they’ll know where to reach you. Also, giving a generous reward to anyone who can return ups your chances of finding your pet.

3. Stop by local vets or animal shelters

Dogs that go missing are, most of the time, taken to the local animal shelter or to a vet shop. The moment you find out your pet has gone missing, one of the first places you should go to is the animal shelter and bring with you the flyers you printed. If someone brings your dog to the vet shop or animal shelter, the attending personnel will know that the dog has a home and they can tell the person who found the dog to contact you immediately.

4. Do not hesitate to ask for help

Finding a lost dog is a difficult process, and you can never do it alone without getting dead tired after just a day’s search. You have to ask for help from your close friends, relatives, and immediate family to help you search for your puppy. Give them flyers they can post and hand out to passers-by. You can ask one to go to vet shops and animal shelters to save you more time.

5. Publish a post on social media

The social media is undeniably a powerful platform for finding lost pets. It is free, covers a bigger audience, and less tiring! So one of the things you should do immediately if your dog goes missing is to publish a post telling your dog went missing and ask people to share the post. Inform local dog parents’ groups and pages that your’e looking for your beloved dog and kindly ask if they can share your post or publish a post about it.

6. Contact your dog GPS tracking company

If your dog has a GPS tracker, like Trackimo®, locating them in the event that they go missing becomes easier, not to mention ten times faster. With the help of an app installed on your phone, you can have real-time location updates at your fingertips. However, if you want to be more confident in your search, you can contact your GPS tracking provider to assist you in finding your dog.

No matter what steps you choose to take first, remember not to panic. Yes, it’s hard to stay calm, even when you know they can be found because you had them wear a GPS pet tracking device. But know that going haywire will not help you, nor will it help your pet. Don’t fill your mind with hopelessness and instead, help your dog find their way back home and to you.

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