5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Getting a new dog is love and responsibility altogether. Raising one may seem like a walk in the park, but it is more than that. Your furry friend, just like humans, has a lot of needs that you must attend to. As a fur-parent-to-be, you definitely must prepare for your canine, and the first step to being fully prepared is to learn the most important things to consider before getting a dog.

The Most Essential Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog of Your Own

Just like raising a kid, keeping a dog as a pet can be a tough job. Food, shelter, and clothing are just a few of the countless things you need to provide. To prepare you for the long but surely memorable journey ahead with your pet, we have listed the five most important things to consider before getting a dog.

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1. Money and time

When you are thinking of raising a dog, you also need to ask yourself, “Can I commit to raising a puppy on my own?”

At the very least, you must provide food, water, and other dog products your pet will need. And then you need to schedule veterinary visits for health checkup and basic grooming as a way of improving and maintaining your dog’s well-being.

Raising a puppy can be costly too. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you have to choose between purchasing the things your dog needs and paying your bills. If you don’t have a problem with spending dollars on your canine friend, that’s good.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Another one of the important things to consider before getting a dog is time. Yes, you have to know if you have the luxury of time to care for another breathing being. For one, dog training isn’t a one-day task; if anything, it’s a long process. Constant practice is needed for your dog to pick up what you are trying to teach. And then soon you will have to go on pet grocery shopping, change the litter box, prepare food, and a whole lot of things that will definitely consume your time. If you are a very busy person, you need to think this whole thing through.

Money and Time

2. Location and shelter

Where you plan to raise the pet is also one of the most important things to consider before getting a dog. If you are renting an apartment, make sure that your lease’s policy allows pets in the vicinity. Next, make sure you have enough space for your furry friend to at least run around and play. Ventilation is also important, so you need to check your house’s temperature system as well.

Ultimately, your house must be puppy-proof. Check for cable wires and hide them, if you don’t want your furry friend to feast on it. Also, see if your shelves and cabinets are sturdy enough to handle your dog’s tumultuous nature. Keep sharp objects away from their reach too.

Location and Shelter

3. Lifestyle and preference

It is needless to say that dogs require a great deal of attention. That’s why before you get a dog, reassess your lifestyle and preferences.

Do you travel a lot? If so, will you have to leave your pet every time you do? Who will attend to them when you’re not there? If you’re the type to invite friends over on weekends, will your puppy be trained and ready to socialize with them? It’s either your dog adjusts to your lifestyle, or you adjust your lifestyle to meet the demands of dog parenting. (Friendly reminder: it’s almost always the latter.)

Lifestyle and Preference

4.  Other people

Most owners often forget this, but the people around you are worth taking into consideration too. Say you’re renting an apartment, your landlord and other tenants deserve to know that you’re taking a dog in. Dogs bark all day, they take a dump anywhere, and their pee leaves a stinking smell nobody will find lovely. You can’t just bring a dog home all of a sudden and leave your neighbors to deal with all this on their own. You have to inform them beforehand so you’d know if they’re okay with it.

If you have an infant at home you might want to give this another thought. While having your kids grow up with dogs has its benefits, introducing your pet to your new baby needs training and preparation.

More than anything else, it’s important that everyone around you loves dogs. For us, dogs are this harmless and innocent creatures that are always hungry for cuddles, but sadly, to the eyes of a good number of people, they’re not. A puppy will definitely grow very friendly and less territorial if the community is a pet-loving neighborhood.

Other People

5. The dog you want

Before getting a dog, decide on what type and size you want to have. Your current living space will have to be taken into consideration too. Is your apartment big enough for a dog of the larger breed? Or will your ventilation system work better for smaller ones?

The Dog You Want

Adopting or Buying?

One last thing: you have to decide whether you will adopt or shop. For most people, this is a question that shouldn’t be asked. To visit the nearest animal shelter and give a dog a forever home is a way to go. This way you give another dog a chance to have a family of its own and a shelter they can return to after a day of running and playing around. And really, that’s the best thing one can ever offer a canine.

The latter is not much of a bad choice. Just make sure that if you buy one, you refer to a nearby veterinarian for a list of responsible breeders in the area. These breeders follow certain rules that non-reputable sellers don’t even know about. For one, they do not just give the animal to whoever hands them money first. They conduct a background check to see if you are ready to become a fur parent.

If you’re getting a dog, you need to remember that it means being responsible for a life. We hope that this list has helped you prepare for the journey ahead with your new furry friend.

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