Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Coat

Taking Care of Dog's Coat

When taking care of a dog, you must not only consider their actual physical condition but also how they look. A healthy dog is not just free from diseases and has good vital stats; he must also have healthy and shiny-looking skin and coat. The specific level of care your pet needs will depend on his breed, but it is a must that you attend to his grooming regimen.

Taking Care of Your Dog’s Coat the Right Way

When it comes to grooming your dog, you can choose to do the job itself but it’s also a good idea to contact a professional groomer or someone who is well-trained to do the job like your veterinarian. Even your local pet store might offer this kind of service.

Taking Care of Your Dog’s Coat

All things considered, however, you must also do your part as your pet’s caregiver to do the basic grooming tasks yourself. After all, you are his human, and it would benefit both of you if you knew how to take care of your dog’s coat.


Here then are some helpful tips for taking care of your furry friend’s coat:

1. Know the difference between a healthy coat and an unhealthy one.

A healthy coat is smooth and soft to the touch, even on short-haired breeds. It’s shiny and doesn’t smell, and it shouldn’t be greasy at all. An unhealthy one will appear to be dry and brittle and will have lots of shedding. It’s also greasy and has an oily smell and may even include bald spots.


2. Make brushing a regular part of his routine.

The frequency of the brushing depends on the kind of breed. Long-haired breeds, for instance, should be brushed two times a week, while those with thick coats should only be brushed once every week. Short-haired breeds, however, need daily, regular brushing.

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3. Get the right tools.

You can’t just use any type of brush. Experts recommend that you use two types: a wide-toothed brush and finer-spaced one. The former is for the coat’s outer layer, while the latter is for the face area. You can also ask from the staff at a pet store what kind of brush is ideal as they would generally know.

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4. Bathe your dog but make sure you don’t overdo it.

If you’re one of those people who hate “doggy smell,” take note that it doesn’t have to be that way for your dog. You can get rid of that smell by bathing him, which will eliminate the build-up of oil and bacteria on your dog’s coat. But you have to steer clear of over bathing him, as that can only lead to skin irritations and dryness. Once or twice a month is enough for bathing him, and make sure you use products that are specifically made for dogs.

5. Feed him the right food.

They say you are what you eat, and it is the same for dogs. The better the food your dog eats, the healthier he’ll be and the shinier his coat will be. Make sure he eats foods that are rich in protein and essential fatty acids.

 All things considered, a healthy coat depends on two major factors: consistent grooming and good nutrition.

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