Selfless Dog Saves Drunken Owner from Train at Expense of His Own Life

Everyone knows that dogs truly deserve the title of “man’s best friend.” Other than being incredibly cute and cuddly, they happen to be the most loyal of animals as well.

Dogs have a long history of amazing and heroic stories. One of the most interesting and perhaps the most fascinating Siberian husky facts is the inspiring story Balto and Togo, the two brave Siberian huskies that ran the Great Race of Mercy to save the lives of children suffering from a deadly diphtheria epidemic in Alaska. Another famous heroic Italian dog is Frida, the cream-colored Labrador who painstakingly searched for survivors after the deadly earthquake in Mexico this year. Frida, with her safety gear and handler, managed to rescue as many as 52 people.

Of course, people can’t forget the unsung hero dogs working with the police, army, and people with special needs. Dogs are definitely way smarter and sensitive than humans think. It is sad to see how often these majestic animals take them for granted. The story you are about to read is a heartbreaking one, but it perfectly illustrates how selfless dogs can be, even toward the most undeserving of owners.

Brave Dog Saves Drunken Owner from Oncoming Train, Dies

There are people who say that because dogs largely depend on humans for food and shelter, they have no choice but to be loyal. But seeing how far dogs are willing to go to make sure their owners are safe seems to prove that belief wrong. Dog owners know that their canines love them more than food. Even this dog, who tragically died for his owner, sacrificed his own life for the sake of his human.

The dog in question was tragically run over by a train moments after the dog saves drunken owner off the railway tracks. The incident happened in Karaganda in Kazakhstan and was first reported by the Info-Tses news portal. The 48-year-old owner told reporters that he wanted to commit suicide, so he drank a bottle of vodka and ended up falling asleep on the railway tracks.

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Dog Saves Drunken Owner from Train

The dog started pulling his owner away as soon as the train started charging close. Though the train hit the emergency breaks, it was too late. The animal died on the scene instantly.

The dog’s owner, who now has to live with the guilt of losing his best friend, managed to survive the ordeal. He regained consciousness and was diagnosed with two fractured ribs and a shoulder injury.

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