10 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Make the Best Pets

Why Pit Bulls Make the Best Pets

Pit bulls get a bad rap from the media about being dangerous. However, they are no more or less dangerous than other pet dogs who are well taken care of. In fact, there are countless reasons why pit bulls make the best pets. Contrary to common knowledge, they are very good companions, if only people care to look past their aggressive reputation.

Why Pit Bulls Make the Best Pets

Pit bulls are relatively healthy dogs. While issues like demodectic mange, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation are some genetic issues found in pit bulls, they are not fatal and are actually rare as they are. Any mixed dog breed can inherit genetic issues, and considering those that were seen usually in pit bulls are non-fatal, they are still considered a relatively healthy breed.

Pit bulls don’t require a lot of grooming. Short coats usually mean that the pets are low maintenance. They can be bathed in a lesser amount of time than long-haired ones. They also don’t need to be brushed as often, although many do tend to enjoy it. Their grooming rituals are relatively easier and cheaper than long-haired pets.

Pit bulls are people-pleasers. They tend to do almost anything for their favorite people, if only to hear their praise. Pit bulls tend to crave for attention and approval and are very social with humans. Their devotion to their owners actually contributed heavily to their bad reputation, though. A person with bad intentions can use this animal’s eagerness to train the dog for nefarious purposes.

Pit bulls are athletic animals. They can actually motivate their owners to get a daily exercise, whether it is for a walk around the block or to train for a marathon. These dog breeds excel at dog sports, especially those that focus on their agility. However, they are not obsessive about exercise.

Pit bulls are incredibly loyal. Adopting a pit bull means you have a friend for life. While they are not really great guard dogs, they tend to intercede when someone threatens “their” humans, which makes them quite aggressive and potentially dangerous.

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Pit bulls love children. Another reason why pit bulls make the best pets is they thrive as part of the family, as they are affectionate both toward adults and children. It is still important to note, however, that children should be taught how to interact with animals and supervision is still needed when they are in the vicinity of any.

Pit bulls have a sense of humor. Like people, they are distinct individuals who are usually bursting with personality. They love to make their owners laugh by clowning around. They are also fun and playful, even as they age.

Pit bulls love people in general. They don’t tend to discriminate against humans. Even when they are not particularly fond of other dogs, they are always at their happiest when they are with their humans, as is clearly shown by wiggling and kissing their humans often.

Pit bulls love cuddles. When they are feeling relaxed for the day, they crave hugs and pets. Adopting a pit bull will guarantee you a constant companion, whether in bed, on the couch, or even just on your lap. They don’t really know that they are too big to be lapdogs, but they are very easy to train, which makes them great therapy dogs.

Pit bull smiles are everything. The best part about having a pit bull is his smile. This breed is great for better mental health. If you are having a bad day, one look at a huge pit bull smile and lolling tongue will make your day better. Their zest for life is infectious and worth all the hard work it takes to take care of him. After all, he really only wants to receive as much love as he gives.

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