Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Home

In many households nowadays, pets are no longer considered as domesticated animals but as important members of the family. Thus, they must be treated as such. If you’re taking care of a pet dog or cat in your home, it is essential that you do everything you can to pet-proof your house for their benefit. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of tips that you can apply in your own household to make sure it is safe for your furry friend.

Kitchens and Bathrooms 

    • Keep your pets from opening cabinets they’re curious about with childproof latches. 

    • Keep possibly toxic substances out of their reach by placing chemicals, cleaning materials, laundry supplies, and medications on high shelves that you know they won’t be able to reach or open.

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    • Keep all trash receptacles covered or inside a cabinet that’s latched so your pets won’t have a chance to play with them. 

    • Before using appliances such as your dryer, check it completely first to make sure your pet puppy or kitten isn’t hiding away in it before you turn it on.

    • When using the bathroom, always keep the lid closed to prevent your pets from accidentally drowning themselves in the toilet water or from drinking toxic cleaning chemicals.

Living Room

    • Dangling wires from appliances are often a recipe for disaster especially when you have pets in your home, as more likely than not, they will be tempted to play with those wires. Keep them out of their reach by using cord clips and hiding them away in secure corners. 

    • If you have small children in your home, make sure you put away their toys after they use them as your pets might tinker with them and possibly even ruin them by chewing them out.

    • When cleaning, check the small, hidden corners in your house that you can’t reach with your vacuum but are accessible to your kitten or puppy for possibly dangerous items like pieces of string or small buttons, which they can possibly swallow and choke on.

    • If you have house plants that are potentially harmful or poisonous to them, make sure you move them out of their reach. Do the same with hanging plants that they can also jump onto. 


    • Hide away your laundry and shoes in covered receptacles or in your closets, and make sure you keep them closed. Pets often have a tendency to play with things like shoe laces and buttons, and this habit might end up harming them as such things are choking hazards.

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    • Keep any substances or products out of their reach such as lotions, cosmetics, and medications. Hide them away in a drawer that you can easily slide out when you need to apply makeup.

    • Be on the lookout and always check your closets and dresser drawers so that you don’t inadvertently lock them into such places. 

Aside from pet-proofing your home, you also want to look after the safety and security of your pet when he is outdoors. You can do that with the help of Trackimo’s 3G GPS tracker, which can help you locate your pet even when is not in your direct line of sight. Such a device can also help you monitor his activities. 

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