5 Dog Products You Should Buy for Your Pup

Dog Products

Just like how we just can’t go on with life with just food, shelter, and clothing, our pets need more things than the basic necessities too. Problem is, finding the best dog products can be a challenge. But if you know exactly what to look for, it won’t be too much work.

If you are a first-time owner and have no idea what your pet may need, here are some of the must-buy dog products your pet would love to have.

Must-Buy Dog Products for Your Furry Pal

Water bowls for food and a fancy dog house are the first things we think of when we buy puppy products. While these are certainly a a must-buy, there are other things your pet would ask you to purchase, if only they were capable of actually saying it.

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1. Dog bed

Dog Bed

Everyone deserves a safe and sound sleep and your pet is no exception. And just like you, that’s only possible for them if there’s a soft bed they can lie on and doze away.

Crates and kennels are owners’ first choice, but these dog products are only preferable when the dog is still under house training. A kennel or a crate that is big enough for them to move around helps them make it a habit to stay where they are only allowed. When you’ve decided it’s time they graduate from that stage, you can give them more freedom by allowing them to roam around the house. With this comes the need for a dog bed where they can comfortably rest without the fence-like restriction crates and kennels give.

When looking for dog furniture, whether or not your pet will love to sleep on it is the very first thing you should consider. You can buy pillows and blankets too to give them the ultimate relaxation they deserve.

2. Collar

Dog Collar

Not everyone is fond of collars and leashes, but going out for early-morning walks or weekend trips to the park is just not safe without them. Also, they come in handy during obedience training.

Buy a collar that is not too tight. Remember that as they grow old, they will need a bigger collar too, so be prepared to buy them one from time to time. Choose a collar that is of high quality. Never settle for the cheapest, as there’s a reason they come at a low price and you don’t want your pet to suffer just because you’re trying to save up.

If a leash is what you need, pay attention to the loop. Buy something that is easy to grip. The length of the leash will depend on the age and size of your pet. You might need a 4-foot one for puppies and a longer one when they grow older.

3. Grooming supplies

Grooming Supplies

Your pet wants to look good too, although it’s probably not because they developed a crush on your neighbor’s pet and they just want to impress. It’s more on trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating good food is not the only way to stay healthy, after all.

Simple dog products for grooming like toothbrush, nail clippers, comb for their fur, ear cleaning products, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. are a must-buy as well. Although it’s not required that you bathe your dog every day, as it can make their skin dry, it still pays to use only the best products during the few times that you do. Skin conditions can cause your pet too much pain and that’s the last thing you want to put them through. Same goes with their teeth, only this time, you do it every day. Choose the right toothbrush size, one that fits their mouth and you can move around easily. Don’t hesitate to try different brushes until you find the best fit for them.

Some owners also use grooming table for their dogs. Although these dog products are highly optional, it will be beneficial to the both of you if you have a designated area to do all those brushing. Doing it on the floor just doesn’t work and can be uncomfortable sometimes, defeating the main purpose of the grooming you’re doing.

4. Toys and treats

Toys and Treats

Dogs are naturally playful; they like to move around, no matter how soft the bed you have them rest on is. They love chewing on things too. Now if you don’t want them to damage your sofa or your kids’ toys, you have to buy them their own.

Toys for dogs come in five types: one they can gnaw, fetching toys like lying discs, toys that provide comfort, rope and tug toys, and toys that improve their critical thinking skills. When buying toys for dogs, pay attention to the product’s size and their durability.

With toys comes another great present for dogs: food treats! As an owner, you sure will have your dog undergo training. And like how you want to be rewarded when you ace an exam, your pet wants something back too if they complete the tasks you give them. Choose the treats that are good for pet’s health. If you aren’t sure about the product, consult your vet.

5. Identification tags

Identification Tags

Dogs, being the wanderer that they are, often get lost. You can go to the park looking forward to a good day, then you leave them for a sec to get an ice cream, next thing you know, they’ve gone to a different park. Now that sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s highly possible. And honestly, the last thing you’d want to do is conduct a city-wide search to find your pet. Plus, if they actually end up on the street, they can be the victim of abuse and will probably be put up for sale.

To save yourself and your pet from all the hassle and struggle, have your furry best friend wear identification tags. You can simply hang a metal medallion that has your contact information and your pet’s name on their collar.

Another option is microchipping your pet. Now how does this work, you might ask. Simple: a microchip that has a radio transmitter and a small device that has your pet’s ID number is injected into their body. This option has been proven effective, with studies revealing that microchipped pets have a higher chance of getting found when lost.

Third option is attaching a GPS tracker to your pet. These small devices give you a way to know their real-time location and one of the steps to finding your missing pet quickly. The edge of trackers over microchips is that the latter sometimes don’t respond to scanners. Some shelters have reported difficulties retrieving information from the chips, resulting in dogs never finding their way back home. GPS trackers, however, are capable of sending information as long as there is reception, which is pretty much present around the world.

You keep an animal as a pet for the sense of companionship that it gives. While this movie is beneficial to you, it means assuming a big responsibility too. As a pet owner, you should be prepared to provide the pet everything they want and need, and knowing what those are is a good start. We hope our list of dog products has helped you with that.

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