Missing Dog in Vancouver Reunited with Owner

Missing Dog in Vancouver

Pet reunions are always happy, and it was especially so for a Vancouver woman who was reunited with her missing dog after four long months of searching.

Missing Dog in Vancouver Found After Months

The missing dog in Vancouver, a German shepherd named Merle, was out of sight for nearly four months from the Eagle Mountain area in Coquitlam, but he was found thanks to the help of a group called PetSearchers. Pet detective Al McLellan said that it did not take them too long to locate the missing dog, but they had to endure about 200 hours of work to be able to finally catch him.

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Missing Dog

Merle, when found, was roughly 40 pounds lighter but otherwise in good shape. His owner said that she had “full confidence the whole time” that they will be able to find her missing dog. “I never once wavered in my confidence of getting him [back].”

McLellan, meanwhile, said that he’s just grateful he could bring the dog home to his owner, safe and sound.

Missing Dog Statistics in the United States

In the United States, the statistics of missing dogs and cats are nearly identical, with 14 percent of dogs missing every year. However, out of these numbers, 93 percent of dogs that are reported missing are returned safely to their own homes. About 6 percent of dog owners also tend to find their pets at shelters.

As many as 15 percent of dogs are found because of their identification tags or microchip devices. The long hours it takes in finding lost pets is not unusual for a missing dog like Merle, who is not equipped with a GPS tracker when sent out for a walk or to play. GPS trackers such as Trackidog track animals in real time, making it easier for owners and pet searchers to find missing dog and pets in cases when they do get lost or are separated from their owners.

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