Dognapper Asks Owners for Ransom in Exchange for Missing Pet’s Safe Return

When Denise Ramsay noticed her 12-year-old German shepherd–Labrador mix dog is missing from her yard in Miracmichi at 10:00 p.m. on December 28, she already worried how to locate missing dog. However, she felt even more distraught and heartbroken when she received a call from a stranger, asking for ransom in exchange for missing pet’s safe return.

Dog Owner Gets Asked for Ransom in Exchange for Missing Pet’s Safe Return

Ramsay said that she received a call from a blocked number on New Year’s Day. The man on the other end of the line said he had her dog, Sadie, and demanded $200 for her safe return.

Not knowing whether or not the man actually had her dog, she kept him on the line as she dialed 911 from another phone. The man, however, realized a third party was listening in on the conversation and hung up.

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GPS Tracking to Locate Missing Dog

Ramsay also shared that if she weren’t so distraught, she would have taken the man’s e-mail and made the transfer, if only to help with a police investigation that has since gone cold. She also said that her family is devastated about the loss of their beloved dog and that they are now offering a reward for Sadie’s return—with no questions asked.

Sadie, she shared, has never wandered away from their home before because she has a collar that emits a sound when she reaches their property’s perimeter.

A lot of dogs can be skittish around strangers but are rarely aggressive. However, because of the trusting nature of these dogs, they tend to be targeted more often by dognappers. This is why a GPS tracking system like TrackiDog is especially helpful to locate missing dog.

Ramsay and her family have been doing everything they can to find Sadie. Neighbors and other people in the area have been helping with the search, and she searched the woods behind her home, hoping it would help her locate missing dog, but they have not been successful so far. However, the reward of $1,000 is up in the air for Sadie’s safe return.

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