5 Interesting Rottweiler Facts That Will Put an End to Breed Stereotypes

Most people already know what a rottweiler looks like and how they tend to “act.” More often than not, they’ve gotten quite the bad reputation due to negative portrayals in the media. One famous fictional rottweiler was the hellhound in The Omen, which resulted in people associating the breed with the devil.

It remains a solid fact that rottweilers are large and powerful dogs that have the potential to be dangerous. But proper training and good upbringing can help you raise a well-rounded and loyal rottie. So if you’re considering introducing a rottweiler to the family, here are some interesting rottweiler facts that you might want to keep in mind.

5 Rottweiler Facts That Make Them the Perfect Breed for the Family

1. They have a high level of intelligence

A rottweiler’s intelligence can be a double-edged sword. On one end, it makes them all the more interesting to interact with. But on the flip side, they can assume dominance in the pack and overpower you. These dogs were originally bred as working animals, the American Kennel Club even classifies them under working categories. So it is extremely important to put that natural instinct to good use through training and mental stimulation. These days, sadly, it is uncommon to see rottweilers as search and rescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind, and as police dogs.

2. Rottweilers don’t need a lot of grooming

Rottweilers may need a lot of exercise for dogs and training, but they’re generally low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Rotties are born with a short, smooth coat that won’t require daily grooming. But you’ll need to brush them on a weekly basis to remove loose hair and distribute the dog’s natural skin oils. This allows you to keep your rottie’s coat healthy.

Like any dog, you’ll need to check the rottie’s ears on a regular basis for signs of wax buildup or infection. Ask your veterinarian for any recommended ear cleansers so you can remove unwanted dirt. You’ll also want to keep their teeth healthy by brushing it each week to prevent tartar buildup and bad breath.

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Rottweiler Facts

3. Rottweilers are big softies

This might be one of the most surprising rottweiler facts for close-minded folks. Don’t let their tough-as-nails looks deceive you, rotties are just as affectionate as other breeds! While they aren’t exactly lap dogs, they won’t hesitate to curl up to you when they feel like it. You might think that having children grow up with dogs is impossible if you have a rottweiler, but no, in reality, these actual balls of fluff can also be gentle with kids as long as they are properly trained and socialized at a young age. For the most part, the child must be respectful toward the rottweiler too. This means absolutely no screaming or tugging the dog.

4.  Rottweilers are extremely loyal and protective

If you want a dog to protect your home from intruders and unwanted guests, then a rottweiler is the perfect breed for the job. It doesn’t matter if they’re out to attack or greet your guests with a lick on the face, a rottie won’t hesitate to bark first so they can alert you when someone approaches the property. This is normal behavior, but it can translate into over protectiveness in the future. To prevent aggressiveness, you’ll need to set “ground rules” for your dog.

5. Rottweilers are regular couch potatoes

Next to the Great Dane, they just might be the biggest couch potatoes in the dog world. Yes, your rottweiler might have a lot of energy when outdoors, but once you take him or her inside, he’ll be happy to curl up next to you in bed. They choose to relax around their family the most, so don’t act too surprised to see them following you around until you’re ready to rest your feet.

Hopefully, all these rottweiler facts crush the negative image associated with this wonderful breed. Like any other dog, they have their downsides too, so you might want to do a lot of thinking before introducing this powerful canine to your family. If you truly want to help a dog like the adorable rottie, please consider adopting one from your local shelter.

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Watch the video below

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