The world’s smallest personal GPS tracker.

TrackiDog GPS Tracker uses existing cell phone networks to send information from the unit to the app. In the US, we use the T-Mobile network, and others, to provide cell coverage. As long as one of the networks is available, your TrackiDog Tracker will work. This device should work anywhere your cell phone works but coverage cannot be 100% guaranteed. The amazing thing is your pet can be located anywhere in the world.

Trackidog ensures dog safety, especially in public places like parks and city sidewalks. With its unique function, pet owners can easily train their dogs basic commands such as “stop” and “stay,” even from a distance.


Most dog owners find the necessity of using an ultrasonic whistle, which most canine friends tend to respond to better. While using Trackimo’s ultrasonic alternative function does not substitute for verbal recall nor sound command, it does reinforce training. Trackidog comes with command beeps (which can be turned on and off via app) that carries further than any human voice, making it easier to train pets without the need to run after them all the time.


Dogs are sensitive to sounds, and the beeping sounds that come from Trackidog pet trackers can act as stimulus that could bring your pet back to your direction. Remember to ensure proper training procedures, and over time, you should be able to command your dog easier. With consistent training, you can even let him play leash-free in public areas where he can enjoy himself during days out.

Trackidog boasts of customizable alarms and notifications, depending on your need for them. Alerts are sent either to the configured email, as SMS message, or as an app notification to preset contacts.


Notifications include device location and speed at the time the alarm is triggered. Other alarms include the speed limit, device battery alert, start moving alert, and an SOS key trigger in case someone finds your pet.

Tracking Features

Full Data or Alert Only Full Data
Real Time Updates
Geo Speed Alerts
Geo Fence Alerts
Travel History Available Up to 365 days
Interface PC, Mac, Android, IOS
Alerts Email, SMS, iOS Push
Number of location samples Unlimited
Customizable tracking
Global tracking
SOS Alarm
Emergency Voice Channel
Minimal update Interval 1 minute


GSM Platform MTK2503
GPS Platform MTK2503
Band Quad GSM 850/GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900
GSM Antenna LDS Antenna
Platform Bluetooth TI CC2541 BT4.0
Dimension 39 mmx39 mmx12 mm[LxWxH round]
Weight 20g
Active Battery Life 24 to 72 hours depends on mode of operation and cellular network conditions
Standby time 56 + hours(Depends on cellular Network)
Lithium-ion Battery li-ion 200mAh
Water Resistance IP65
Operationg Temp -20 to +60 degrees C
USB charger 4-points magnetic charger with USB Interface
Microphone Yes
Accelometer Motion Detector
Wi-Fi Yes

GPS Specifications

Power Consumption acquisition 24mw Tracj 17mw
GPS Antenna lds-passive antenna
Channels 66 acquisition 22
22 tracking
Acquisition Mode Cold Start < 24 seconds Hot Start < 2 seconds
Data Encrytion Available
Battery Capacity 24 to 72 hours depends on mode of operation
Cached memory On board capacity for 1000 tracking points
Service Storage Unlimited tracking points capacity

Bluetooth Specifications

Bluetooth CC254 BLE V4.0

Other Functions

Roaming Data Yes
Roaming Voice Yes
USSD support Yes

Network and Data Transfer

Data Load Full tracking mode 35 bytes per minute
USSD Load Full tracking mode 32 bytes per minute