The Perfect Non-Seasonal Gifts for Dogs and Dog Owners

When it comes to gifting dog owners, nothing would ever make them happier than presents that regard their devotion to dogs or directly aid their pooches. Well, you can give them the usual gifts like pet collars, chew toys, and food treats, but they probably have a whole room of those at home.

You might want to take the uncharted route and figure out some unique gifts for dogs and dog owners. If you don’t know where to start looking, we prepared a list to help you.

10 Unique Gifts for Dogs and Dog Owners

These items are some of the unique gifts for dogs and dog owners that they will surely love. You might just find the perfect present for them here, so make sure to go over this before you hit the shop!

Customized pillow

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Customized Pillow

Framed photos of dogs are already overrated and have become a cliché. Why not give them a custom-made pillow with their face printed on it? They can snuggle it while they sleep and it makes a great home decor too.

Dog GPS trackers

Dog GPS Trackers

You know how energetic dogs can be; they love playing and running around the neighborhood, making them prone to getting lost. Fortunately, a dog GPS tracker can prevent that from happening or at at least help you get to your dog quickly in the even that they wander too far away and can’t find their way back home.

One of the best trackers in the market is Trackimo’s pet tracker, an affordable and a feature-packed monitoring device for pets. It also comes with a standalone, which owners can use to set geofences, reminders, and alerts.

Dog mattress

Dog Mattress

Dog beds easily get dirty and they’re very difficult to clean, which is why most owners choose to throw them after one use. Needless to say, mattresses are very in-demand, which makes them perfect gifts for dogs and dog owners. Depending on the quality and brand, one dog mattress can cost around $125 to $225.

Portable food and water bowl

Portable Food and Water Bowl

Every dog owner needs an on-the-go bowl that includes both a water and food compartment. This ensures that their pets never go thirsty or hungry whenever they are on a trip. Also, make sure that the portable bowl is attachable to the dog’s leash, so owners won’t have to worry where to put it.

Pet pouch hoodie

Pet Pouch Hoodie

A pet pouch jacket offers comfort to owners and their pets. It is a simple concept: it’s a hoodie with an over-sized pocket that can carry their dog. Just imagine a kangaroo carrying its young, that’s how your dog owner friends would look like if you gift them this.

Books about dogs

Books About Dogs

If your friend is still starting to learn how to become a pet parent, then a book about training dogs would be a good gift. Give them something they can use as a guide when they start teaching their dogs essential dog commands or something that can tell them what to feed their dog and what activities to avoid.

Baking molds

Baking Molds

Some dogs are pretty picky with foods; that’s why their owners go a long way to make some goodies as treats. If your friend does that, you might want to consider giving them a baking mold. They can bake healthy, delicious dog biscuits or freeze fruit juices for the sunny days.

Peek window

Peek Window

It’s not a good idea to confine dogs inside the home, as they’re naturally adventurous. Sure, they can be let alone in the backyard with an opaque fence, but pups need to see the outdoors once in a while. The perfect solution? A peek window, through which dogs can check out what’s going on outside.

Dog backpack

Dog Backpack

Dog back sacks are perfect gifts for dogs and dog owners who regularly go on a trip. Pet parents can enjoy a convenient bike ride, uphill hike, and rock climb with their dogs securely hooked on their back. If you’re buying one for your friend, make sure that you order the vet-approved backpack that is appropriate for their dog’s size.

Matching outfits

Matching Outfits

It is hard to buy matching outfits for owners and their dogs. The best way to go is to visit a tailor and have them sew your friend a pair. If you succeed, you will surely make any dog owner happy. You might want to include gifting a prepaid photo session too so they can directly go to the studio once they get the clothes.

Car safety items are essential gifts for dogs and dog owners as well, especially when they both travel a lot together. You can also ask some friends to help you decide what to give. Whatever the present may be, know that your dog fanatic friend will surely appreciate it as long as it comes from the heart.

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