Pet Owners Find Lost Dogs with Sausages

Find Lost Dogs with Sausages

Charlie and Theo are miniature Schnauzers who managed to lose the trail on a hike on England’s Red Pike fell. The trail is a popular spot in the Lake Districts of England, but even though the dogs were already familiar with the trails, a thick fog blanketed the area on the day they went missing.

Due to the weather, they separated from their owner’s teenage son, who usually walks the dogs around the area. Because they don’t have GPS pet trackers with them on the hike, their owners had no idea how to locate them, so they had to start the old fashioned way: a rescue effort by foot.

Family Tries to Find Lost Dogs with Sausages

To help in finding lost dogs, a rescue effort was mounted to look for Charlie and Theo, with over 120 on foot combing Red Pike. However, it took a while for them to find the dogs, so a drone aircraft also helped the search after four days but to no avail.

Most dog training tips lean toward teaching our pets to be obedient, but sometimes, obedience training isn’t enough to stop our pets from wandering away—eventually getting lost. The problem is, finding lost dogs is not always easy, so for the family, in their final attempt to lure the pets in, they thought of a rather unique way of locating the missing pets—they tried to find lost dogs with sausages. The family set out a barbecue grill to the last place that they were seen and fired up their favorite sausages.

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Missing Dogs

Their owner, Liz Hampson, said that the dogs usually have sausages on Sundays for breakfast. “They absolutely love sausages. They have them every Sunday for breakfast, so if there was one food they were going to come back for, it was sausages,” the family shared.

A short while after they fired up the grill, the pair appeared from the trees. “When they first appeared, it was like a mirage. I could not believe it was them.”

Charlie and Theo

Charlie, 7, and Theo, 10 months, are father and son, which is why the family started joking about the pair enjoying a getaway together. While they suffered no injuries, they did spend most of the next few days asleep at home.

They have also been taken to the vet, where they have been given a clean bill of health. “It’s so nice to have them back. They are our boys,” shared the owner.


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