5 Easy-to-Train Dog Breeds

easiest to train breeds

So you’re thinking of getting a dog. If this is your first time taking care of a pet, you’ll certainly have a lot of challenges ahead as pets can be a lot like small children—very active and willful at times. If you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of being a pet owner, you’re better off getting a breed that’s easier to handle and train compared to others so as not to overwhelm yourself. 

Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Although you need to note that, like people, animals have their individual personalities, there are generally breeds that are easier to train than others, especially in matters like house manners and basic obedience.

Here is a list of the top 5 easiest dog breeds to train.

5. German Shepherds

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easiest dog breeds to train

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Although they might look a bit scary and intimidating as a breed, German shepherds are generally a popular choice among dog owners across the world. They are considered as “jacks of all trades” in the canine world, and this is due to their innate intelligence and agreeable nature. These traits make them very simple to train. Take note, however, that to keep this breed happy, he needs a job or task to keep him busy. This breed typically enjoys training as well as various dog sports.

4. Collies


For people who have anxiety issues and cannot deal with hyperactive dogs, collies are the perfect breed for them, both the smooth and rough varieties. These dogs are not so energetic, so you won’t experience any trouble keeping up with them. Originally trained to be herding dogs, these creatures are both independent yet sensitive to the needs of their owners. 

3. Labrador Retrievers


When you ask the question, “What is America’s favorite dog?” people usually answer the Labrador retriever. They have such a sweet, fun-loving nature that anyone will instantly fall in love with them. They are also very easy to train, and making their owners happy seems to be one of their lifelong missions as dogs. 

2. Golden Retrievers

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Although they’re generally not considered to be the smartest breed, their good-hearted nature more than makes up for it. They typically show extreme dedication to their owners and are eager to please. This makes them one of the easiest breeds to train as they maintain their agreeable nature even when their owners commit mistakes. They’re also the breed that’s most amenable to learning new routines or behaviors.

1. Poodle


People who are not familiar with dog breeds may think the poodle is a high-maintenance breed due to their fancy hairdos, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Whether they’re the Standard, Miniature, or Toy variety, poodles are the top 1 easiest breed to train because of their incredible innate intelligence and amiable nature, traits which make them pick up instructions quickly. They are also even-tempered and rarely lash out, and they’re very eager to please.

While training, it’s wise to invest in GPS pet tracking so you can monitor them. A tracker for pets is the perfect device that will enhance your training while also keeping your dog safe. You can set it up on your pet so you’ll know where he is at any time, even when he is not in your line of sight. It can be extremely useful, especially if he has a tendency to wander off. Also, such a device also makes it possible for you to monitor his activities and vital stats. This lets you know if your pet is either too hot or too exhausted with his training and if he could use some rest. 

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