Dog Dental Health Tips to Follow to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy

Dog Dental Health Tips

Most owners make the mistake of ignoring their pet’s dental health, believing it does not hold much importance. The truth, however, is that maintaining your dog’s gums and teeth should be one of your priorities.

It may not be as frequently discussed as the other aspects of their overall health, but your furry buddy’s mouth needs attention too. If neglected, bacteria may form and spread and can lead to even more serious illnesses.

There a lot of dog dental health tips you should keep in mind to help your dog avoid unwanted illnesses.

Dog Dental Health Tips: Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Periodontal diseases are a lot more dangerous than they seem. Here are dog dental health tips to follow to keep your pet’s gums and teeth clean and healthy.

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Dog Dental Health

1. Brush their teeth

What better way to keep a set of teeth clean but to brush them regularly. But to keep them healthy, mere brushing is not enough.

Pay attention the kind of toothbrush you use. A doggy toothbrush would be your best choice. It is advisable that you start brushing your pet’s teeth early. It is worth noting that the during the first few times, you should use your finger and massage their gums and teeth with it. Switch to pet toothbrush only when your canine has gotten used to you doing the cleaning with your finger.

Another one of the best dog dental health tips is to use toothpaste or dental gel that are really for dogs. Those made for humans could be very unpleasant for them. Take the time to do your research on which ones are best to use.

2. Let them consume dry food

Treats aren’t only for making training sessions more enjoyable, they are good for your pup’s dental health too. So consider giving them food that can prevent plaque buildup and help freshen their breath.

Dog Treats

These dog treats come in different flavors and sizes, but one should remember to choose the dry treats over soft ones. The latter often sticks to their teeth, which, when not removed, can cause decay.

3. Give them chew toys

Like dog treats, chew bones and chew toys can help remove plaque in your pet’s mouth. There are toys specifically designed for this purpose. As an owner, it is your job to see to it that whatever he bites on is safe and is actually there to improve oral hygiene. To make sure, look for the Seal of Acceptance from the Veterinary Oral Health Council before giving the toy to your pet.

4. Have them undergo a dental exam

Another one of the best dog dental health tips is to seek professional help. Yes, ask for the vet’s help. You spend more time with your pet than any expert, but still, they know better when it comes to your pet’s health. Have your canine undergo dental exam as much as possible and as deemed necessary.

During exams, your dog’s head and neck will be checked to make sure there isn’t any form of abnormality. Then their teeth and gums will be examined. Anything that may cause cancer in dogs will also be located if there’s any, and your dog will be given treatment before it’s too late.

The importance of canine dental care is unknown to some, which is why most periodontal diseases in dogs remain under- if not completely untreated. Take the time to check your pet’s mouth and consult the veterinarian in the event that you notice something is off. Give your pet the dental health care they need and deserve.

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