Brave the Cold with Fido: Cold Weather Safety Tips for Dogs

Winter Safety Tips for Dogs

Whether your dog loves the cold or not, you should always provide them with extra care during the winter season. Most dog owners live with the misbelief that the fur of their pets keeps them insolated, but this isn’t the case at all. Like human beings, dogs enjoy the warmth of indoor shelter during the winter season. That said, extra care is needed when the temperatures drop.

When your pet is exposed to dry, cold air, freezing rain, and other elements such as sleet and snow, it can cause itchy and flaky skin. But do know that those aren’t the only risks they face. There is a high risk of antifreeze poisoning and other serious health concerns during this time as well.

Give your pets the extra care they need when the temperatures hit the lowest with the cold weather safety tips for dogs listed below.

Must-Follow Cold Weather Safety Tips for Dogs

Humans aren’t the only ones that need protection when the it starts getting freezing cold. Your four-legged pal too need something that will keep them warm when the temperature drops. Give them the kind of care they deserve by following these cold weather safety tips for dogs.

House them inside

Like how the cold gust of wind affects humans, your dogs have to endure the same thing too. First on this list of cold weather safety tips for dogs is to keep in mind that during this season, you will need a warm bed for your dog to keep them comfortable throughout the cold winter days and nights. Never leave your dog outside on their own, you are only increasing the risk for frostbite or even falling through thin ice.

Keep dogs away from electric heaters and never allow them to sit or lie next to it.


Always make sure your pooch is well insulated. For dogs with thinner coats such as bulldogs, short-haired dachshunds, and chihuahuas, you can keep them warm with jackets and sweatshirts. Remember not to make them wear it unless the temperatures drop, this is to save them from overheating.


Bathing during this time can be tricky, as you may risk infection or diseases. However, you can opt to dry-bathe them or use dog deodorants and perfumes if they get smelly, this is how you can keep them clean while preventing dog health problems. Keep their coat hydrated and vibrant using coconut oil. To apply, rub a few drops on your hand and massage directly to your pet. Not only does it keep them relaxed, but it also leaves a glossy finish.

Dab a bit of snout butter to keep those button noses gleaming. If you haven’t got any, you can always opt for paw butter. Make sure you do this before bedtime so it doesn’t wear off from the pet’s movement.

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Since the dog is indoors most of the time, you may find yourself overfeeding them. One of the must-remember cold weather safety tips for dogs is to avoid doing so and to stick to their original diet. Make sure you provide warm food and avoid meals rich in fiber especially at night. Experts recommend a fish-based diet during the winter since fish contains omega fatty acids that improve the quality of your pet’s coat. Honey may also be incorporated into their daily food intake as well. This superfood aids in strengthening your pet’s overall immunity by fighting infections and digestive problems.

Hydration is also important during winter. Since cold weather may prevent them from drinking their usual quota of water during the day, you can make up for it by adding soups and broths to their diets.

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