Are Holiday Parties Safe for Dogs?

Bringing your Dog to Holiday Parties

Dog owners understandably grow wary when they have to bring their dog to a crowded place. After all, loud sounds, boisterous laughter, and a large crowd of people can cause a lot of stress for both you and the dog. Now that winter holidays are here, holiday events are in full bloom, and it only begs the question, is bringing your dog to holiday parties advisable?

What You Should Know Before Bringing Your Dog to Holiday Parties

The final month of the year only means that social calendars are filled with holiday parties. Two questions may arise for dog owners: Should I take my dog to holiday parties? If I were to host a party, should I allow my dog to mingle with the guests?

If you plan to bring your dog to public places or huge events, the first thing you need to assess is how well your dog interacts with others. Are they properly socialized? Are they trained to obey your commands? How does your dog feel in a crowd?

If your dog is completely inexperienced with crowds, then taking them to a party with food and strangers can be a hassle. A fearful, shy, or cranked-up dog is definitely not built for a night of partying. If you put them in a stressful environment without proper training or introduction, they could end up being anxious around people for life.

The guests should be taken into consideration as well. There are certain people who are afraid of dogs or simply appreciate it if a dog weren’t at the event. Small children can get into trouble by interacting with dogs too, so you’re better off leaving them at home.

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Holiday Parties for Dogs

When hosting the party

When hosting the party at home, your pet’s temperament around strangers will determine what you should do with them. If your dog’s friendly, you can always allow them to “meet” the guests. Begging, jumping, and over-excitement should never be tolerated. Also, make sure your dog gets a little crate time away from the hustle and bustle of the party.

As stated above, children can be a threat to your dog since they tend to mercilessly pull the animal’s hair, tail, and paws. This can lead to bites or much worse. While the child is partly at fault, it’s the dog that always gets the blame. To avoid this altogether, never leave a child unattended with your dog.

Keeping your dog safe and sound during holiday parties

Before bringing your dog to holiday parties, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration to keep them safe throughout the event. These include the following:

1. If you leave them alone in their safe space, make sure to keep them occupied with their favorite toys.

2. Hire a dog-sitter.

3. Make sure your dog gets exercise before the party to lessen their anxiety.

4. Check on your dog often and make sure their room is safe from prying guests.


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