An Unusual Tip to Find Your Pet Dog

Unusual Tip for Finding Lost Pet

A man on Reddit shared his experience about finding his lost dog.

According to him, he lost hope of ever finding his best friend after 12 days of searching to no avail. However, he ran into some hunters who taught him an unusual tip for finding lost pet.

Hunters Teach Distraught Dog Owner Unusual Tip for Finding Lost Pet

This Reddit user was already distraught and hopeless about ever finding his dog when he ran into a couple of hunters who taught him a tip that they said has reunited them with many lost dogs. This usually happens when they go on a hunt and lose an occasional dog, but when he tried their advice, it worked.

According to the hunters, the owner should take an article of clothing that he’s worn at least the entire day—the longer the better. This way, his scent will stay and the dog can pick it up. Leave the said article of clothing where he last saw the dog and leave it there for a while. If the dog has a crate and a familiar toy, these things could also be helpful. To avoid other people disposing the crate, it is best to leave a note requesting them not to move the items.

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Lost Dog Poster

Leaving a bowl of water in the area is also a helpful tip for finding lost pet, especially if the dog may not have access to any. However, bringing food is a taboo, as this could attract other animals instead. Check the area often, or return the next day—hopefully, the dog will be waiting there for you.

The man was initially skeptical about the tip, especially considering that the dog was unable to hear him call as loudly as possible for the last 12 days. However, when he returned the next day, sure enough, his pooch was there, waiting for him. Since then, he’s seen this work a number of times, leading him to recommend such an unusual tip for finding four-legged friends.

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