Airlines That Allow Pet Travel In-Cabin

Allow Pet Travel In-Cabin

You don’t have to leave your pet behind when you go on vacation because here’s some good news: some airlines actually allow pet travel in-cabin.

Being responsible for a pet changes a person’s view of long vacations. Leaving little fur babies alone all day while we’re in school or at work is difficult enough as it is, let alone leaving them for days at a time. Most people with pets do treat the animals much like they do their own children, so being a pet parent makes it difficult for them to be away on luxurious trips, knowing that there is someone at home waiting for their return.

Fancy pet surveillance systems and the usage of GPS trackers for dogs can calm some of our anxiety, but it does not mean that they will stop getting worried about leaving pets behind, the same way no parent can leave their toddlers or younger kids with sitters for long periods. Luckily for pet owners, there are some airlines these days that allow pet travel in-cabin, so you can make sure that they’re comfortable during their time in the air. Here are some of them:

Note: many of the airlines listed below have an additional carry-on charge for pet travel. This must be paid upon check-in at the airport.

Pet-Friendly Airlines That Allow Pet Travel In-Cabin

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1. Air Canada

Air Canada

     •   Pets allowed: cats and dogs
     •   Pet size: small pets who can fit and stay comfortably in their carrier under the seats
     •   Weight allowed: maximum 22 pounds including carrier
     •   Cost: $50 or $100 each way, plus taxes
     •   Allows international travel? Yes.

2. Air France

Air France

     •   Pets allowed: small dogs and cats
     •   Weight allowed: 17 pounds including transport bag or container
     •   Special consideration: guide dogs are authorized regardless of their weight
     •   Cost: $200 for flights from the US
     •   Allows international travel? Yes.

3. American Airlines

American Airlines

     •   Pets allowed: cats and dogs over 8 weeks of age
     •   Pet size: must be able to sit in a carrier under the seat in front of you for the entire flight duration
     •   Weight allowed: maximum 20 pounds including carrier
     •   Cost: $125 one way
     •   Allows International Travel? Yes.
     •   Other specifications: no in-cabin pets on transatlantic flights or flights longer than 12 hours

4. Delta

Delta Airlines

     •   Pets allowed: dogs and cats for domestic and international flights; household birds for domestic flights. Pets must be 10 weeks old for domestic travel and 16 weeks for international
     •   Weight allowed: No limit, but pet must fit comfortably in carrier under seat
     •   Cost: $125 in US and Canada, and $200 international, one way

5. Jet Blue

Jet Blue Airlines

     •   Pets allowed: cats and small dogs
     •   Weight allowed: 20 pounds including carrier
     •   Cost: $100 each way
     •   Allows international travel? Yes.

6. Southwest

Southwest Airlines

     •   Pets allowed: cats and dogs
     •   Weight allowed: No limit, but pet must be able to fit comfortably in carrier under the seat
     •   Cost: $95 each way
     •   Allows international travel? No, but exceptions are allowed for trained assistants and emotional support animals.
     •   Other specifications: no animals are allowed to and from Jamaica

7. United

United Airlines

     •   Pets allowed: cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds (excluding cockatoos)
     •   Weight allowed: No limit, but pet must fit comfortably in carrier under seat.
     •   Cost: $125 each way plus $125 service charge for each stopover of more than four hours (US) or more than 24 hours (International)
     •   Allows international travel? Rules for in-cabin pets vary (contact the United Customer Contact Center for more information)

8. Virgin America

Virgin America Airlines

     •   Pets allowed: cats and dogs at least 8 weeks old
     •   Weight Allowed: 20 pounds including carrier
     •   Cost: $100 per segment
     •   Allows international travel? Yes.
     •   Other specifics: for flights to and from Mexico with proper veterinary documentation

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