4 Obedience Commands Every Dog Should Learn

The movies make it look so easy, but training your dog is actually harder than you think. But as hard as it seems to be, it is also very important. Imagine having a dog that actually comes closer when you ask them to, or a canine that knows when to drop something when that are told to. Dogs that know commands are way easier to live with than a dog that does not.


This is why obedience training is very important for dogs and their owners. If you don’t know where to start, here are four basic commands that every dog should know.

Basic Obedience Commands to Teach Your Dog 

1. Sit

To sit is one of the first commands most owners teach their dogs. After all, it is easy to learn for your pet. Also, this command comes very handy when your dog needs to ask for something. It is like their way of saying “please.” It is also a way of showing politeness for them. 

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To teach your dog the “sit” command, stand in front of them and hold a treat in front of their nose. Slowly move the treat down and back up. Let your dog follow the treat with their nose. As they follow the treat, they should be moving their bottom slowly to a sitting position. As they sit, say their name and the word sit. Once they are completely sat, praise them and reward them with the treat. 

2. Stay

This is the next command you need to teach your dog. This too comes very handy in everyday life, especially during an emergency. In case they get off their leash, you can tell them to stay where they are before they go running into traffic or after something else. 


To teach your canine the “stay” command, make sure they already know the first, which is “sit.” When your dog is sitting, stand to their side, say “Stay,” then walk away. In the early stages, expect for them to still follow you. If they do, guide them to their original position and repeat the steps. Once they’ve finally learned to follow the command, give them a treat. 

3. Come

“Come” is probably one of the most important commands your dog has to learn. If you are out on a walk with them and they attempt to wander off, you can say this command and they will come running to you, preventing any unwanted scenarios like them getting lost. 


To teach your dog the “come” command, hold a treat in your hand. Walk away from your dog. Say your dog’s name and then the word come. As soon as they walk up to you, reward them and give them praises. Repeat these steps until they learn to associate the word with the action of walking toward you.

4. Lie down

Lying down is a command that will help your dog to calm down. This should be helpful at times when they are over-excited or feel nervous.


To teach your dog how to lie down, put them in a sitting position first. Hold a treat then lower it to the floor. Just like how your dog learned the sit command, they should follow the treat with their nose until they are completely lying down. Once down, praise them and give them a treat.