Give your dog the joy of the park – whereby you are not worried if you lose sight of him.

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The World’s Smallest Dog GPS Tracker

Trackidog is a high-precision mini GPS/GSM tracker that is lightweight and compact, but strong enough to monitor your pet in real time. You don’t have to worry where he or she has gone, you can track and locate your dog anytime from an app via your smartphone.

GPS Dog Tracker Devices

Dog Whistle Trainer

Trackidog is a perfect tool for training your dog. The device can generate sounds that can be heard by your best friend but are nearly inaudible for humans.

This way, you can train your dog anywhere without disturbing other people. Plus, your dog will learn faster because it’s much easier for your pet to distinguish pure sound than verbal commands.

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Real-Time Location App

Real-time location

In identifying pets, microchips can only work at certain distances, the same way scanners do in grocery stores. However, you no longer have to worry because the GPS/GSM + WiFi technology from Trackidog can track your pet in real-time outdoors as well as indoors.

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Safe zone alerts

Create a virtual fence and receive alerts when your pets leave the area. By defining a virtual save zone, you can ensure pet safety and will no longer have to worry about your pet getting lost: Trackidog ensures that you will always be able to keep track of your furry best friends.

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Trackidog Safe Zone Alert

You can’t always be with your pet, but Trackidog can keep you connected.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

Receive instant alerts by SMS or email when your pet leaves his “safe zone.”



Trackidog is the world’s smallest and lightest GPS pet tracking device weighs just 3/4 of an Ounce!

Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

Trackidog can be tracked via web or smartphone app, where GSM cellular reception exists worldwide.

GPS Dog Tracking Devices
Multiple Device Tracking

Mutiple Device Tracking

Trackidog can be simultaneously track and managed on a single account. This is obvious choice for pet owners with more than one furry friend at home.

Long Battery Life

 Long Battery Life

Feel at ease with battery that lasts up to 96 hours

Smallest and Discreet Tracker

Smallest & Discreet

To ensure maximum comfort for your pet, Trackidog’s design is extremely small with the following dimensions: 1.4” in diameter x 1/2” high

Worldwide Coverage

Trackidog is the smarter way to locate your best friend anytime, anywhere.

Animated Worldwide Coverage

3 Layers of Tracking Technology

Trackidog makes sure you can track your pet outdoors or indoors,
even when he’s play-hiding from you.

3G Cellular Coverage
2-Way Wi-Fi Communication
Bluetooth (BLE 4.0)
3G GPS Pet Tracking

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With smart alerts and notifications for customizable alarms, you can alway check where your pet is — or have someone bring your attention to the location of your pet via the tracker’s SMS button.


Check your pet’s location at any time via your smart phone. The device comes with a free 12-month service, with no additional costs. Never pay a hefty price for your pet’s safety ever again.

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