Fido: The Famous Italian Dog Who Showed Unwavering Loyalty to His Owner

Famous Italian Dog

Ever wondered why dogs are often called Fido? Former United States president Abraham Lincoln brought attention to the name after he named his own yellow mixed-breed Fido. Little do people know, Romans have been naming their dogs Fido for centuries. The name literally translates to “I am faithful” in Latin. The title couldn’t ring any more true for dogs, as these animals are known to show unwavering level of loyalty.

This famous Italian dog, either by destiny or coincidence, was named Fido. Like the stories of Hachiko and Shep, this mixed breed rose to prominence after his story came to light. Better get your tissues ready, this is going to be a very bittersweet ride!

Fido, the Famous Italian Dog Who Waited 14 Years for His Master’s Return

Carlo Soriani worked as a factory worker in Luco di Mugello, a small town in Borgo San Lorenzo in the Tuscan province of Florence, Italy. Soriani was on his way home from the bus stop when he found a sickly puppy lying injured by the road. Overcome with compassion for the animal, Soriani decided to take him home.

Soriani and his wife decided to adopt the dog and name him Fido. They nursed him back to health, and in return, Fido was forever grateful. The mixed breed developed a very special connection with Carlo Soriani. He would followe him to the bus stop in the morning and would wait all day until Soriani returned on the evening bus. Whenever they were reunited after a long day, Fido would greet him with utmost love. This routine continued for the next two years, and everyone in town knew about it.

On December 30, 1943, Borgo San Lorenzo was bombed by allied forces. Factories were hit, and many laborers, including Soriani, died. On the evening of his death, Fido showed up to the bus stop to wait for Soriani to disembark. After Carlo didn’t show up, Fido returned home heartbroken. For the next fourteen years, he continued to show up at the same spot, waiting and hoping in vain for that much-wanted reunion with his owner.

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Fido, The Italian Dog

In total, Fido waited 5,000 times at the bus station for his best friend to come home. Media interest surrounding the dog grew throughout his lifetime. Two Italian magazines, Gente and Grand Hotel, published Fido’s story, and it was met with awe-struck readers. Everyone who read Fido’s story was moved by his extraordinary faithfulness. One of them was the mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo, who awarded Fido with a gold medal before many citizens including Soriani’s widow.

In 1957, a ceramic statue of the famous Italian dog was constructed. After it was destroyed by vandals, the town commissioned the bronze statue built by Salvatore Cipolla. The statue continues to stand to this day.

Fido died in the summer of 1958 from natural causes. His remains were buried outside the cemetery where Carlo Soriani was laid to rest. Guess we could say that at long last, the two were finally reunited.

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