Best Car Safety Items for Your Pet in 2019

Road trips can be fun and exciting opportunities to bond not just with your family but also with your pets. They are also great ways to see and explore new and unfamiliar places. However, going on road trips with your pets can also bring with it a few challenges that might require you to undergo certain preparations as well as invest in certain gear. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of safety tips and items that you will be needing to ensure your pet’s safety.

Safety Tips

1. Take him on short trips first.

If you’re going on an especially long trip with your pet, it might be wiser to “train” him first for the journey by taking him on short trips. This way, you can build up his familiarity and comfort with traveling in your car before you take him on longer road trips.


2. Let your pet enjoy short breaks.

During the trip itself, make it a point to stop every once in a while to let your pet have potty breaks. This is especially recommended if you have a puppy who’s still potty-training or you have a senior dog who might not be able to control his bladder that well.

3. Make reservations at pet-friendly accommodations.

If you’re going away for several days and will need to sleep over at hotels along the way, be sure that you make reservations at accommodations that are pet-friendly. Before booking a room, make sure you check the hotel’s policies first.

4. Visit the vet before the trip.

If your dog has a severe case of motion sickness, you need to take him to your veterinarian first so they can prescribe him some anti-nausea medication. Your vet can also advise you on how to adjust his feeding schedules for the trip.

5. Get some safety items.

You will also need to acquire some gear for the trip. These items will ensure the safety of your pet while he is on the road trip with you.

Safety Items


This is an essential item as it helps to keep your pet safe while you are traveling. It will also help to protect him in case your vehicle gets involved in an accident. You should look for a crate that’s particularly crash-tested and proven to be travel-safe.

Safety harness

If you don’t have enough space in your car for an entire crate, you can opt for a safety harness instead. These are thick vests that have detachable leads that can also be attached to your vehicle’s seat belts. This helps keep your pet from climbing onto your lap while still having a bit of freedom to move inside your car. It also helps protect them in case an accident happens.

Bottled water

Dehydration is the last thing you would want to happen to your dog while on the trip, so make sure you have bottled water on hand to quench his thirst and keep him well-hydrated. When you’re traveling to other places, you never know when you could come across an available water supply, so it’s best to make sure you have your own supply right in your car.

Collapsible dog bowls

Make sure you bring a collapsible dog bowl too so your pup can have something from which he can easily drink water or eat food. This item is compact, and because it’s collapsible, it can fit in your bag or purse.


A leash will be helpful for when you want to make sure that your pet does not jump outside of your vehicle when you stop and open the door. It can also ensure that he doesn’t run away from you when you are walking around an unfamiliar place. When you put your dog into his crate, make sure you take his leash off first to avoid possibly choking him.

Dog tag

On the off chance that your dog does wander away from you during a trip, a dog tag will help in identifying him so anyone who finds him will know right away that he has an owner and will readily get in touch with you. Make sure the information on his tag is accurate, especially your contact details and address.

Health records

When you travel with your pet, it’s advisable that you bring his health records along with you, just in case he gets into a medical emergency while on the trip and you will need to rush him to the nearest veterinarian. His records can help the vet there be familiar with his medical history so he can better make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right medication.


Speaking of medication, you will also need to your pet’s regular medication, if he has been taking it. This is to ensure that he doesn’t suffer from any medical-related illnesses while he is on the trip with you.

First aid kit

This is different from the first aid kit that’s for your family, as this kit is specially meant for your pet. With this kit, you can always be ready for any emergency or accidents that befalls your dog. Your kit should have bandages, gauzes, antiseptic, and gloves.


A road trip is no fun for your dog if he’s constantly hungry, so you will want to bring along some treats for him too. They can be useful for when you want to reward your pet for being on his best behavior while on the trip.


Toys and games

Having his favorite games and toys on hand will help keep your pet occupied so he doesn’t bother you while you are driving. An activity mat is one such example of an ideal toy to bring on road trips as it has a flat surface and can easily be stored if it is not in use.

GPS pet tracker

Despite all your best efforts, sometimes your dog can still get away from you. So the best thing to do would be to prepare for that by investing in a GPS pet tracker like Trackimo. You can set up this device on your pet, and through an app, you can monitor and detect his exact whereabouts. This way, even if he wanders or disappears from your line of sight, you can be assured that you know where he is. 

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