Best GPS Trackers for Pets in 2019

Picture this. It’s a normal day, but as you call your pet’s name, they don’t come wagging their tail. The backyard’s empty, the front door’s open, and their bowl’s still full. You search the entire house, but there’s no sign of your furry friend.

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As responsible pet parents, we all want our pets to stay safe. We keep them on leashes, put up fences, and even crate them while we’re at work. Everything that could be done to keep them safe we do. However, even if we check all the boxes in the safety category, it is still possible for our beloved animal friends to escape their harmless confines and get lost. And it happens more than you think!

Looking for the Best Reviewed GPS Trackers for Pets?

Did you know that more than 10 million pets are lost or stolen every year? Only 90% of them end up in the shelter as some continue to roam the streets, homeless, while others end up euthanized because the owners either have no way of finding them or, sadly, didn’t make the effort of looking for them.

Living in the 21st century, with almost everybody using location tracking apps and identification systems, pet parents have no excuse to be unprepared. Here are the best GPS trackers for pets on the market this year!

6. Tractive 3G GPS tracker

The Tractive GPS 3G GPS tracker for pets is lightweight yet durable, with a waterproof design. With this tracker, you won’t have to worry about losing your pet’s location in the middle of a chase. It does use a cellular signal to track your pet’s location, which can be both a pro and a con depending on your situation. In the US, it operates on 4 cellular networks including AT&T Mobility, Viaero Wireless, CinBell, and T-Mobile. The tracker is equipped with its own SIM card and it does not matter which mobile service provider you have for your mobile device. Like most GPS trackers for pets, you can see your pet’s location in real time using an app. However, its use of a cellular signal does mean that a subscription is required to see your pet’s location. The cost of this subscription starts at $5 but does differ depending on the plan you choose.

Like many GPS trackers for pets, this one allows you to set safe areas and alerts you if your pet leaves one of these areas. It also allows you to see your pet’s location history. This might be particularly useful to those with hunting dogs, who might want to track the route their pet is taking. Sadly, the average battery life is 2 to 5 days with normal use and decreases significantly when live tracking is on.

The device fits most collars and is attached with collar clips provided in the Tractive GPS package. Tractive is small, lightweight, and unobtrusive, so your pet should have no trouble getting used to it. However, it is important to note that the recommended pet size for Tractive GPS is 9.9 pounds and above. If your pet weighs more than 44 pounds, you should opt for Tractive GPS XL, which possesses the same key features as Tractive GPS but is somewhat larger (3.1 x 1.9 x 1.1 inches), heavier (5 oz), and has a longer battery life (up to 6 weeks).

5. Findster Duo+

Findster Duо+ is an innovative GPS pet tracker that comes with no monthly fees. Simply download thе арр оn уоur smartphone, and if уоur рuр ѕtауѕ within a three-milе rаngе, уоu won’t nееd internet connection. Thе Findѕtеr system includes two modules (hence the “duo” in the name): a реt mоdulе with a Vеlсrо соllаr attachment and a guаrdiаn mоdulе you саn саrrу or keep in уоur росkеt. A USB charger for both mоdulеѕ is also included. The Findѕtеr Duо+ mоdulеѕ communicate wirеlеѕѕlу using a proprietary technology called MAZE for a range of roughly uр tо 3 milеѕ. Depending on your pet’s surroundings, the range may be somewhat reduced. Sо аs lоng аѕ уоu аnd уоur pet are within 3 miles оf еасh оthеr, the pet mоdulе diѕрlауѕ its location оn the Findster арр.

Like most GPS trackers for pets, уоu can ѕеt up a geofences аrоund уоur pet so you’ll bе аlеrtеd immеdiаtеlу once your pet exits this safe zone and you can maintain соntасt by heading in your pet’ѕ direction.

What makes Findster unique is a virtuаl lеаѕh feature that уоu саn uѕе bу setting уоur оwn роѕitiоn as the сеntеr роint. If your dоg wаndеrѕ (оr runs likе сrаzу) оutѕidе that rаngе, you’ll be alerted so you can саll (оr run аftеr) уоur wayward реt. If your pet likеѕ to hide or go dеер into thе buѕhеѕ, a radar mоdе in thе Findѕtеr арр also leads you right to his position.

Other Findster Duо+ features include an activity tracker thаt rеwаrdѕ уоu with discounts оn pet food, thе lеаdеrbоаrd fеаturе that logs уоur реt’ѕ milеаgе аnd speed and ranks thеm аgаinѕt оthеr реtѕ, and a ѕhаrеd ассеѕѕ орtiоn feature that lеtѕ friеndѕ аnd fаmilу uѕе thе Findѕtеr app to monitor your реt’ѕ location. If уоu hаvе mоrе thаn оnе pet, you саn раir a ѕinglе guаrdiаn mоdulе tо trасk up tо fivе реt mоdulеѕ. 

You can purchase a single Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker for $149.99. If you purchase 2 devices, you pay $199.99. If you purchase 3 pet trackers at once, you pay just $249.99 in total for all 3 devices and save around $200.

4. Whistle 3

The Whistle 3 GPS tracker for pets and activity monitor allows you to both keep up with your canine’s exact location and monitor their activity level to ensure that they get enough daily exercise. It tracks your pet through GPS and cellular technology, so it acts a lot like a cell phone for your pet. This translates into a monthly subscription that is needed to keep the tracker working correctly. Plans start at $7 a month and are selected through the Whistle app.

As a secondary function, the Whistle 3 keeps track of your pet’s movement so you can interpret whether they are getting enough exercise or not. This GPS tracker for pets can help you figure out if your pet falls into which weight category and can help track your pet’s progress after you make efforts to increase their physical activity.

To stay ahead of your furry friend, this GPS tracker for pets also features proactive alerts that notify you through text, email, or the app if your pet leaves their designated safe area. The geofence feature allows you to locate and find your pup before they get too far away. 

Sadly, you can’t get too far away from you pup and still track them as the Whistle 3 only provides nationwide, not worldwide, tracking.

3. Pod 3

Pod 3 is a GPS tracker for pets that uses multiple technologies to track your cat. It utilizes the global positioning system (GPS), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to detect your pet’s location. Pod 3’s cylindrical design is odd, however, and it can be bulky for some animals. 

With a well-designed companion app, decent battery life (up to 5 days), and a water-resistant design, Pod 3 can be a great all-in-one device. The subscription cost is at $9 a month, which is rather affordable for the features packed in the device and the app. Pod 3 allows you to choose between 3 tracking modes to save battery: Standby, Safe Zone, and Adventure. The latter makes Pod 3 a unique GPS tracker for pets. In this mode, you can record your pet’s walks and revisit them at a later time. Your pet’s walk is shown on a map, with useful additional information provided, including distance walked, time spent walking, area covered, and average speed.

In addition to location tracking features, Pod 3 provides activity tracking tools that allow you to keep track of your pet’s health. Simply set activity goals for your pet and have the device monitor your pet’s activity. You can view daily, weekly, and monthly summaries with details on time spent resting, playing, and walking to see if your pet has reached the daily goals you set.

Pod 3 has impressive coverage, including more than 175 countries around the globe. It uses multiple cellular networks in all countries. Sounds like the best GPS tracker for pets, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, complaints of manufacturing defects, durability issues, and trackers reportedly in used condition outnumber good purchases. Pod 3 could have been an excellent choice for pet tracking if only the manufacturers addressed these urgent concerns.

2. Trax Play

This GPS tracker comes with a USB charging cord and silicone clip case for attaching the tag to your pet’s collar. To activate it, you download a free smartphone app, create an account and personalize the account with your pet’s name, breed, and size. With the silicone case on the tag, it still only weighs 1.5 ounces, so it’s compact and light enough for smaller breeds like Jack Russell Terriers.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this tracker is its augmented reality function. You can view your environment through your smartphone’s camera, and the app places a pin in the direction of the tag, noting the distance to the tag. 

The app has a live tracking feature you can turn on to watch where your pet is moving in real time, which has little to no lag. Like other GPS trackers for pets, you can also use geofencing to set up boundaries on a map, and the app will notify you if your pet crosses those boundaries.

One full battery charge should give you two to three days during average use and twelve hours if you’re in live tracking mode. While you should take any pet tracking device off your pet when they go to bed for the night, the Trax Play goes into sleep mode if it isn’t moving for five minutes, which saves battery.

1. Trackimo 3G Guardian tracker

Trackimo’s 3G Guardian tracker is a 1-ounce device fully equipped with a revolutionary hybrid of four tracking technologies—GPS, A-GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi—allowing you to track your pet anywhere you are in the world in real time, whether they are indoors or outdoors.

The Guardian tracker is small and light enough to fit onto the palm of your hand and slip into Trackimo’s included pet pouch and attach to a pet collar, without being a nuisance to even the most active of pets. And despite the Guardian tracker’s size and weight, Trackimo packs the Guardian tracker with a powerful battery that lasts anywhere from two weeks up to a whole month in battery save mode on a single charge, unlike other GPS trackers for pets that require charging almost every day.

When choosing GPS trackers for pets, safety features should be at the top of your priority. With the Guardian tracker, you can see where your best friend is with Trackimo’s sophisticated mapping system, and it automatically sends smart alerts whenever they cross a safe zone you can set. And with an SOS button, good Samaritans can notify you and the authorities whenever your pet is lost and then broadcast your pet’s exact location, giving you your much-needed peace of mind. 

Trackimo’s 3G Guardian tracker gives you confidence knowing that you can ensure the safety of your pet at a single touch of a button. Even better, Trackimo provides you with free service for the first 12 months and charges you only $5 a month after that. For the functionality it offers, Trackimo is probably offering the lowest monthly service cost of any consumer tracking device worldwide. There are absolutely no contractual obligations, no activation fees, no roaming fees, and no other hidden charges.

Happy shopping!

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